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Cheese & Pork Pie Cakes

Another twist on the traditional idea of Wedding Cake 

Our Cheese and Pork Pie Cakes are not only undeniably unique, featuring a multi-tiered tower of pork, hand finished pastry and delicious cheese they truly are an extraordinarily delicious savoury snack to behold.

Splendid enough for any celebration, not just weddings. Whatever the event, we can provide the 'wow' factor that will make for an unforgettable culinary centrepiece.  The Pork Pies are hand-made here in Devon, everything is made the old fashioned way by an award winning pie company who specialise in succulent pork, venison, game and chicken pies.  All these and other flavours are available and we offer 4 different cutting sizes.   All you need to do is choose!  See full info on our pies here


We’re all unique, so if you can’t quite see what you are looking for and you have a special request or just need some advise, please email or call.  You’ll have the help of our knowledgeable staff who will work with you to ensure we find the perfect combination for your cake, so you’ll have your own custom-designed cheese and pork pie cake which suits your taste, theme and budget, for no additional cost

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Click into any of the pictures below for further info and to order.  Alternatively, to have a chat  or order by other methods, either drop us a line at: enquiry@westcountrycheese.co.uk or call on 01271 379944. We are very happy to answer any of your questions, however small, and provide you with a quote and bespoke suggestions for your event – no charge!  

Cheese approx 100-135 portions, Pie 40-50 portions


Cheese approx 85-115, Pie 75-90


Cheese approx 65-80 portions. Pie 30-40 portions


Cheese approx 50-70 portions.  Pie 35-50 portions


Cheese approx 30-40 portions.  Pie 30-40 portions


Cheese approx 65-85 portions. Pie 35-50 portions


Cheese approx 20 portions.  Pie 16-21 portions


Cheese 20-28 portions. Pie 16-21 portions

Overall feed 40+


Cheese 100-120 portions. Pie 50-70 

Overall feeds 150-170

Base Pie - 12" diameter


Cheese 50-70 portions. Pie 30-40 portions


Cheese 60-75 portions. Pie 16-21 portions


Cheese 80-100 portions. Pie 21-25 portions

Two options available


Cheese approx 50-65 portions. Pie 30-40 portions


Cheese 25-30 portions. Pie 16-21 portions


Cheese approx 35-50, Pie approx 35-45 portions


Cheese 50-60 portions. Pies 50-60 portions

Smaller option also available


Cheese 75-85 portions. Pie 75-85 portions


Cheese approx 90-120, Pie 50-60


Cheese 60-70 portions. Pie 30-40 portions

Overall Feed 100


Feeds 170-190


Feeds 100+


Feeds 35-55


Cheese approx 100-120.  Pie 65-85 portions


Two options available


Feeds 120-140


4 tier feeds 60-70, 5 tier feeds 100+


Feeds 140-175


Feeds 50

Larger option available