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Small Rustic Celebration Cake

Wedding Cheese Celebration Cake

This cake will feed approx 35+ people

(Do read on for how to feed more people)

The base layer is approx 6″ diameter

Cost £57

Base/1st tier: Traditional Wensleydale, approx 1.3-1.4kg – real Yorkshire Wensleydale!  Handcrafted and wrapped in muslin cheese cloth, deliciously crumbly with a mild, fresh clean flavour

2nd tier :Baby Colston Bassett Stilton, 1kg – One of Britans best known cheeses is Stilton, Colston Bassett is one of the best in the country. Mellow and deliciously creamy with lovely rich deep savoury flavours.  A delicate spicy tang from the blue veins comes through with a rounded and superb lingering finish

3rd tier: Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar, 400g – matured for at least 12 months before being covered with their distinctive deep burgundy wax. This is a remarkably creamy soft, full flavoured vintage cheddar.

Top tier: Capricorn, 100g – we know this one is widely available! But…when ripe…and we don’t let it go until it is….it’s unctuous and creamy and develops a full flavour

Tip:  WE LOVE THIS CAKE –  Simply decorated, superb mix of cheeses. Great for a smaller gathering but if you have last minute guests or like the look of this but need more cheese, we can offer some additional cheddar base options to pop under the bottom and hey presto, extra cheese for Uncle Bob!

You can now order on-line, please do choose a delivery date at least two days before your wedding/party date.

We like you to order well in advance, a minimum of two weeks notice is usual, so we are ready here at West Country Cheese to make sure each of the cheeses arrive with you in perfect condition ready for the big event.  However, we’ll do all we can to accommodate short notice requests without compromising quality

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us: [email protected]

Simply ‘add to cart’ for above cake or click on our ‘additional base options’ below if you’d like to add an additional cheddar base to your order

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