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Regal Wedding Cheese Cake

Our Regal Wedding Cheese Cake has approx 13 – 13.5kg of cheese and will feed approx 150-180 people, so great for a huge party

The base layer is a huge cheddar, which is approx 13″ diameter

Cost £315.00

Base/1st tier: Keens Cheddar, 7kg approx  Keens Cheddar is a fabulous, West Country Cheddar. Traditionally made from a recipe which has been passed down through the generations, using unpasteurised milk. The truckles are clothbound and matured for 12 months which produces this sweet, creamy rich, tangy cheddar.  Can be replaced for Quickes Mature Cheddar, which is a superb, handmade traditional mature cheddar which uses pasteurised milk

2nd tier: Cornish Yarg, 3.4kg – This unique cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves which are picked wild from the surrounding area. A semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly, texture is a bit between a cheddar and caerphilly. The flavour is fresh & lemony when the cheese is young becoming more aromatic with age and the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

3rd tier: Colston Bassett Stilton, approx 2kg – One of Britans best known cheeses is Stilton, Colston Bassett is one of the best in the country. Mellow and deliciously creamy with lovely rich deep savoury flavours.  A delicate spicy tang from the blue veins comes through with a rounded and superb lingering finish

4th tier: Elmhirst, 800g – Using the rich milk from their own herd of Jersey cattle and vegetarian rennet, their unpasteurised cheeses have been so well received that demand now far exceeds supply. In April 2003 they moved into their new purpose-built creamery . The building is modern and bigger, however the team still employs the same traditional techniques and the cheeses remain fully hand-produced and free of GM ingredients

5th tier: Chaource, 250g – Chaource is a discerningly good, rich soft creamy cheese with a delicate outer pure white bloomy rind. Chaource ripens from the outside in, it should start to breakdown around the soft rind, giving a slightly gooey layer near the rind with a firmer interior.  Creamy, spreadable with a slight pungency and a hint of earthy mushrooms.  Superb dessert cheese and a decadent addition to a party cheese platter. Nice served with dried fruits or try our delicious Marinated Figs in wine and rum syrup

We have used separators in this photo to acheive this effect.  Add our ‘Regal Cake Separator pack’ to your order (it will include all you need to create this separate tiered look along with instructions)  – see below product.  Flowers not included – sorry!

Tip: We tied natural raffia around our polystyrene separators, so if your flowers aren’t going to fill the gaps, this is a nice option as you don’t see the polystyrene!

You can now order on-line, please do choose a delivery date at least two days before your wedding/party date

We like you to order well in advance, a minimum of two weeks notice is usual, so we are ready here at West Country Cheese to make sure each of the cheeses arrive with you in perfect condition ready for the big event.  However, we’ll do all we can to accommodate short notice requests without compromising quality

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us: enquiry@westcountrycheese.co.uk

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