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Cheese Cakes over Traditional Wedding Cakes any day

Traditional Cake

The Wedding Cake, that elegant fairy-tale centrepiece, with elaborate royal icing and densely packed fruit cake centre has quite fallen out of favour. Instead, in vogue are towers of cupcakes and chocolate fountains and cheese cakes.  However, “the bride and groom will now cut the cupcake” doesn’t quite cut it! 


Cheese Wedding Cakes, however, are one of the most unique alternatives to a traditional wedding cake. It’s also easy to put a wedding cheese cake together yourself and you’ll be saving hundreds of pounds, by not having ‘sickly iced roses in abundance’. The idea, since it is a wedding, is that your cheese cake will have a traditional wedding cake look, however the possibilities for decorating your cheese cake are infinite. 

Cheese cakes can look just as impressive too. They are simply a stunning alternative to a traditional wedding cake. With many styling options available, they can look gorgeous in a stately home or castle with separators and flowers to decorate. Equally at home, within a garden party, farm setting or boho style tepee wedding 

So, is this more for the unconventional bride who’s never been one to take the normal route?  We hope so.  Cheese Cakes buck tradition, fit into any theme and can be part of the evening buffet food at a fraction of the cost.

We say cheesecake over traditional cake any day.  However, weddings are sumptuous affairs, as are traditional cakes too, let’s not forget these sugary confections.  Many of our brides and grooms decadently have both a traditional cake and a cheese cake too – how very dare they!!

Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it!!

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