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Cheese Cakes, Pork Pie Cakes and Weddings

I’m blessed with my job at times and this weekend was one of those occasions. Not only do I have the most fantastic food photographer friend, check her out at: www.imagingessence.co.uk but one of my favourite things about working in weddings and cheese means anything is possible.  In the case of this weekend’s photoshoot, you can construct a cake of cheese, turn a few simple cheeses into a cheesy leaning tower or create a Christmas scene fit for a snowman as well as creating a delicious Pork Pie and cheese cake, the latter featuring hand made awarding winning pies, tasty cheddar, creamy Stilton and luscious soft delights.

Photographed so beautifully by Debbie Jones of Imaging Essence and some fine styling by my humble self – fun was had by all.  Here’s a sneak preview and some fun outcasts that may not make it to our site, but do watch out for these to be added to our ever growing site and ever popular cheese cake section. Also look out for our new Xmas range

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