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Cheese Cakes, Pork Pie Cakes and Weddings

Cheese Cakes, Pork Pie Cakes and Weddings

I’m blessed with my job at times and this weekend was one of those occasions. Not only do I have the most fantastic food photographer friend, check her out at: www.imagingessence.co.uk but one of my favourite things about working in weddings and cheese means anything is possible.  In the case of this weekend’s photoshoot, you can construct a cake of cheese, turn a few simple cheeses in... »

cherry cheese cake

A Cheese Cake is for life…

Cheese ‘cakes’ have become hugely popular at weddings; towers of delicious artisan cheeses, decorated to look like traditional tiered cakes. They’re the perfect solution for cheese loving couples lacking a sweet tooth/a passion for fruitcake and marzipan! We’ve seen our orders for cheese cakes go through the roof recently, although we’ve actually been championing them for the past nine years! Ther... »

Entertaining with Cheese

Top tips to create the perfect dinner party cheeseboard!

The cheeseboard can easily be the pièce de résistance of any dinner party – here are some of our top tips to wow your guests… Pick a theme! Think about what theme you’d like to give your cheeseboard – for instance, you could focus on British cheeses (even picking a specific region!), European cheeses, or an ‘around the world’ board with cheeses from a variety of countries. Why not select cheeses f... »

Cheese Wedding Cake

Why Choose West Country Cheese for Cheese Wedding Cakes

When it comes to your wedding, there’s nothing better than planning the ultimate wedding day, whether you are going for the impressive venue, classic cars, the chic wedding dress or simplicity in a beautiful old barn with rustic charm or vintage and timeless elegance.  Beauty is in the eye of the individual and you’ll have the best day of your’e life whatever you choose, as long ... »

Easter Cheese Cake

Cheese at Easter

There’s is only one thing that can pry their attention away from chocolate for Easter and that’s Cheese at Easter.  So, if your bored of giving the same old chocolate Easter eggs, why not opt for something different and unique. For the romantics amongst you, how about this delicious cheese combo. The seriously, strong rich and creamy purple waxed Godminster combined with the delicious,... »

Godminster cheddar heart

Ask Them with Cheese

As 2016 is a leap year it’s traditionally the perfect time for those marriage proposals – but did you ever wonder why we have leap years? Well the real reason is to keep our calendar in alignment with the sun, without the extra day we would lose almost six hours every year, it was introduced by Julius Caesar in his Julian Calendar in 45 BCE. The tradition of women asking men to marry them on... »

Cheese for Valentines

Cheese for Valentines

For the perfect end to a Valentines Dinner… Love is in the air….can you believe it’s nearly February? And it’s less than a month until the most romantic day of the year is upon us once again. If you are planning a special romantic dinner at home, don’t forget the cheese course.  A great cheeseboard will always impress, especially if your special other is a bit of a cheese fan (and you ... »

wooden love heart

Fathers Day musings

Some little musings about Fathers Day... »

The World of Wedding Cheesecakes

The World of Wedding Cheesecakes

The world of cheese is an intriguing one, and over the years it’s been a privilege to learn about the bold flavours of aged cheddar, the tempting soft cheeses that bulge and ooze out beautifully while still holding themselves together and the beauty of delicate sheep’s milk cheeses that are a sheer delight to me Needless to say, a few years back I felt compelled to step into the world ... »

Taste of the West Gold Awards 2013

Taste of the West Gold Awards 2013

In recognition of all the hard work that we have put in, we are thrilled to tiny little pieces to have won four prestigious Taste of the West awards. We are particularly proud to have been given a GOLD in the category of Best Speciality Retailer/Deli. The esteemed Taste of the West awards highlight excellence throughout the South West’s food and drink industry, recognising not only the fines... »

West Country Cheese & Chutney

Five West Country Cheeses You Must Try

Unless you’re living under a rock where no cheese exists, you’re probably aware that the West Country is home to many a fine artisan cheese maker. Now, by artisan, we mean cheeses which are produced by hand using the traditional craftsmanship of skilled cheesemakers, which results in a more complex taste and interesting varieties rather than mass-produced cheese. Many using locally-sou... »

Summer Cheese Board – A West Country Representation

Summer Cheese Board – A West Country Representation

We were recently asked the question from a food blogger “What would appear on your summer cheeseboard”, “I’d love some West Country representation” read our mouth watering response. Be warned you will want to eat cheese and drink wine immediately once you’ve read it!!!! “I could say that I really should choose late summer cheeses in as much as cheeses made... »