Best of Millers Crackers for Cheese


Best of Millers Catering Pack of artisan biscuits – seriously good crackers for seriously good cheese

This selection offers approx 285 crackers, so will serve around 60-65 people.  Great for a party or wedding.


Best of Millers Crackers for Cheese Catering PackBest of Millers Crackers for Cheese 

Perfect for large parties.  A delicious selection of wheaty, toasty, crunchy crackers

These crackers do not come in pretty boxes with any frills.   These are foil wrapped for catering quantities but don’t let that put you off these are seriously good artisan biscuits.

The selection offers approx. 285 crackers

3 x packs Damsels Charcoal Wafers (125g each pack) Handbaked wafers made from 100% unbleached stoneground wholemeal flour, milled in England. Suitable for vegetarians. Neutral crackers, created with honest values, and an emphasis on the simplicity and goodness of natural ingredients.

3 x packs Harvest 3 Seeds Crackers (125g each pack) – From the Miller’s family of crackers to partner food.Made with stoneground wholemeal flour, linseeds, sesame seeds & poppy seeds

3 x packs Millers Toast Cranberry & Raisin (100g each pack) Slim and ultra-crispy for spreading, or nibbling. Glorious with soft cheese. Suitable for vegetarians. .

3 x packs Elements Water Crackers (70g each pack) Baked by hand. Flame-baked water crackers for cheese, pâtés and dips. The simplest and the best water cracker.  A versatile cracker