West Country Cheese board

West Country Cheese board


Five delicious West Country Cheeses and two packs of crisp crackers



West Country Cheese BoardOur West Country Cheeseboard is another great entertaining cheese board platter

You have the option of choosing either Quickes Goat Cheddar or Quickes Smoked Cheddar at checkout

Quickes Goat’s Milk Clothbound cheese, 200g           A delightfully different goats milk cheese which is handcrafted by Quickes of Devon.  Clothbound and left to naturally mature, typically for 6 months.  Made from the finest locally sourced goat’s milk.  It has a vibrant and distinct flavour, slightly buttery. It won a coveted 3-star award at the recent Great Taste awards 2018
 Quickes Smoked, 200g – An excellent smokey, mature farmhouse cheddar that offers outstanding depth of flavour. This cheddar is handcrafted and clothbound by expert cheesemakers.  Their mature truckles are cut to ensure the flavour infuses throughout the cheese.  Cold smoked over oak chips from the trees on the Quickes estate.  Creamy, rich, exquisitely smoky

Quickes Devonshire Red, 200g – Another beauty from Quickes of Devon.  This is Quickes distinctive take on Red Leicester.  Fresher and lighter than a traditional Red Leicester with a delicious creaminess and a slight nuttiness – a must try!

Vulscombe with Peppercorns, 180g – Vulscombe is a soft, handmade, fresh pasteurised goats milk cheese produced very near to us in Tiverton by Joyce & Graham Townsend. This cheese is unusually made without rennet and is suitable for vegetarians.  The milk used is from a herd of goats in the upper Exe valley. Creamy and mild in flavour.  Topped with a sprinkling of peppercorns for a pretty finish.  A lovely addition to the cheese board

Sharpham Brie, 260g square –  Made with rich milk from the Jersey cattle who graze the Sharpham estate.   They use vegetarian rennet and unpasteurised milk and their cheeses are in huge demand.  The jersey milk used imparts a luscious creamy texture which only adds to the rich creamy and mushroomy flavours.

Russet Squire, 165g– Instantly recognisable by it’s russet colour.  Russet Squire is a full bodied Cornish washed rind cheese which is bathed in Cornish cider seven or eight times during the maturation process. The cheese itself is rich and creamy, like a brie, with a delicious sweet note. It’s unbelievably good with crisp biscuits.

Miller”s Harvest 3 Seeds Crackers 125g – made with stoneground wholemeal flour, Linseeds,Sesame Seeds & Poppy seeds. All baked into a flavoursome square cracker. Made with good natural ingredients

Toast for Cheese – Dates, Hazelnuts and Pumpkin seeds (100g) – Deliciously thin, crisp and light – full of fruit, nuts and seeds – delicious on their own, stupendous with cheese



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