Fine Cheese Co Flavoured Crackers

The Fine Cheese Co Flavoured Crackers


The Fine Cheese Co is based in historic Bath. Their inspiring range of Crackers (made by their sister Company, Artisan Biscuits) provides a stunning variety in flavours.



What we like best being an independent retailer, is NONE of their products will ever be sold in British supermarkets, so you really are getting something unique and special to accompany your cheese

Chive Crackers 150g
The onion flavour really delivers and is an excellent cracker to accompany a wide selection of ripened creamy brie’s

Fig Crackers 150g
The honeyed scents and unique flavour of this cracker, provides a good accompany for a wide selection of Ewe’s (sheep) cheeses

Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt 150g
Great with Pecorino and Parmesan, but we think they are a good cracker for all cheeses

Red Hot Chilli Crackers 150g
This cracker delivers on the spicy front, but not too punchy. Pairs well with some good flavoured Cheddars