West Country cheese and pork pies

West Country Cheese and Pork Pies


A very tasty selection of cheese, pie, chutney and pickled onions.  Will make a  great cheese gift for any occasion.

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West Country Cheese & Pork PiesSuperb West Country Cheese and Pork Pies, this is a must for any cheese and pork pie lover. Includes a selection of some superb West Country Cheeses and two delicious handmade pork pies. Complimented by a cider chutney and delicious Bay Tree Pickled Onions

Cornish Yarg 200g – A beautiful semi-hard Cornish cheese, made from the milk of Fresian cows.  It is a slightly creamy and crumbly cheese, it’s texture is between a cheddar and caerphilly.  Covered in vibrant green nettle leaves for a unique finish

Keens Cheddar 200g – A fabulous traditional Cheddar produced in Somerset.  Keens truckles are clothbound and matured for 12 months which produces this sweet, creamy rich, tangy cheddar.

Dorset Blue Vinny 200g – Woodbridge Farm are the ONLY producers of the genuine Dorset Blue. They use the milk straight from their herd and once the milk has been bought to temperature it is hand skimmed. Blue Vinney has a lower fat content than most cheeses! A lovely, slightly crumbly blue and just a tad stronger than Stilton but still a lovely subtle, crumbly blue. Makes fabulous soup!

Miss Wenna, 165g – The best Cornish milk makes the best creamy brie. A mellow, smooth mould ripened soft cheese with a delicately wafer thin velvety rind and subtle aroma.

200g Pork Pies x 2 – Handcrafted locally, these award winning pork pies use the finest diced pork, minced pork, onions and seasoning. Simple and tasty.

West Country Cider Chutney, 200g – A superb chutney, with apples and raisins. A great chutney for hard cheddars and meats

The Bay Tree Baby Pickled Onions, 227g – These are delicious sweet tasting perfect popping size onions. Beautifully marinated in a sweet balsamic & honey vinegar. Perfect with cheese, and tasty added to a hot potato salad!

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