Welsh Cheese Gift Box


This beautifully presented Welsh Cheese gift box consists of some of the finest Welsh Cheeses available


Welsh Cheese Gift BoxWales produces some seriously good cheeses, from cheddars to mouth-watering blues.  This Welsh Cheese Gift box consists of some of the best Welsh handmade cheeses available today.  These really are some of their finest.  Presented in a lovely gift box

Black Bomber 200g round – This multi award winning cheddar is loved by all for it’s depth of flavour.  It’s rich and smooth and long lasting and decidedly moreish!

Golden Cenarth, 200g – A beautiful washed rind cheese made in West Wales.  It has a supple texture and delightful buttery flavour.  Also maker of the beautiful Perl Las and Perl Wen featured here

Perl Las Blue Cheese, 200g – Made entirely by had this is a beautiful blue cheese, it’s strong but delicate and creamy with lovely lingering overtones

Perl Wen Brie, 200g – This lovely soft organie brie style cheese is rich and creamy, with citrus notes and an underlying hint of sea salt

Gorwydd Caerphilly, 250g  – Gorwydd Caerphilly is a superb example of fine cheesemaking.  This cheese has won countless awards in the cheese world and its not difficult to understand why.  Made by hand using unpasteurised cows milk and traditional rennet and matured for three months in order to achieve it’s beautiful earthy rind.  It has a creamy white, delicate interior with a crumbly centre and slight lemony finish