Unique Large Luxury Food Gift


A wonderful large cheese gift.  Great for a family or treat yourselves to a fine food box this Christmas.  Will come in a plain brown outer or choose our gift box option and it will be presented in a lovely large silver card gift box with separate lid

Gift Box Option


Unique large luxury food giftOur Unique Large Luxury Food Gift box will delight your friends and family.  Treat them to a box full of delicious luxury cheeses and a hand made pie.

Golden Cenarth, 250g – A fine Welsh cheese made from organic milk. A washed-rind, semi-soft cheese which is  pungent, savoury-tasting with a slightly nutty aftertaste and springy, supple texture. This cheese comes in an individual wooden cheese box (250g), making it perfect for baking, a delicious snack or starter for two

Manchego, 200g – Manchego is Ewes milk cheese and the taste is very distinctive, slightly salty but not too strong with a slight creaminess with the characteristic aftertaste of Ewe’s mik. It has a grainy texture. Traditionally enjoyed with Membrillo (quince jelly) or serve as tapas.

Brilliat Savarin, 100g – Brillat Savarin is a triple cream, superbly decadent dessert cheese. It has a chalky interior and fresh taste.  Leave this triple cream cheese to mature into a luscious creaminess with rich buttery notes.

Cerney Ash, 140g – A multi award winning soft goats cheese coated with oak ash/sea salt mix. The beautiful texture makes it a delightful addition to an entertaining cheese board. It has a fresh zesty flavour with a fluffy, moreish mousse like texture

Cornish Yarg, 200g – A beautifully unique cheese which is wrapped in nettle leaves picked wild from the surrounding area. A semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly, texture is a bit between a cheddar and caerphilly. The flavour is fresh & lemony when the cheese is young becoming more aromatic with age and the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

Perl Las – Made entirely by hand this is a beautiful blue cheese, it’s strong but delicate and creamy with lovely lingering overtones

Fine Cheese Farmhouse Cheddar, 200g – A delicious hand-made mature full-flavoured vegetarian cheddar.  The outer cheese ins covered in a burgandy wax which hides the soft cheddar under the wax. It takes at least 4 weeks to ten weeks to mature. This cheddar has a deliciously soft texture, both creamy and a full tangy flavour

Handmade award winning Pork Pie, 500g – Handcrafted using traditional methods, these award winning Pork pies use the finest diced pork, minced pork, onions and seasoning. Simple and tasty. Personalised pastry with ‘Xmas’

Fine Cheese Pickled Onions, 310g – These Fine Cheese Co Pickled Onions are delicious, tangy and crunchy.  Everything a good pickle should be. Sitting in sweetened vinegar making them perfect with a good slab of tangy cheddar. Perfect with cheese. Heaven with our cheese and pork pie cakes

Goose Pate, 180g – A truly delicious artisan fine french pate which is made especially for us and is a quality pate at their best.

Membrillo – Real Spanish quince paste, perfect partner with Manchego.

Peters Yard Swedish Crispbreads, Spelt & Fig Sourdourgh crisp breads – Peters Yard crispbreads are baked daily in batches and they use the best natural ingredients – sourdough, milk, rye flour & wheat flour plus honey. These are irresistibly crispy and perfect with cheese and are high in fibre and low in sugar. No hydrogenated fat. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and suitable for vegetarians.