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Our Top Dog Cheese selection box is a delicious luxury cheese selection brimming with marvellous cheeses; a superb mix of firm favourites – something for everybody!  We think this would be a very welcoming gift for a family, great for a party or a seriously decadent treat.  Enough cheese here for 20 – 25 people or lots of nibbles

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West Country Cheese

TOP DOG CHEESE SELECTION – We’ve chosen this luxury cheese box carefully.  It has a superb collection of cheeses, something for everybody.  The stand out  Colston Bassett Stilton sits among the award winning Wooky Hole Cave Aged Cheddar and other classics in this tasty cheese box.  A perfect selection of luxury cheeses

Liverot – 250g – This pungent french cheese is easy to recognise by its washed rind and five strips of sedge leaves wrapped around the cheese to stop it bulging.  There’s no duplicating this cheese, it’s boldly pungent, though it’s bite is relatively mellow in comparison to it’s bark.  Nutty, earthy, luxurious

Colston Bassett Stilton, 500g –  the curd is gently hand-ladled before draining which produces this deeply rich and creamy Stilton. It has a deep flavour with a delightfully lingering finish

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar, 600g – This gorgeous award winning Cheddar is nutty and tangy.  It is a traditional cheddar, made in the heart of West Dorset using milk from local herds and to a traditional recipe and is aged for up to 3 months in Wookey Hole Caves

Baby Waterloo – 300g – A delicate, semi-soft cheese, made with buttery Guernsey milk.  An unctious oozy interior with a rich buttery, creamy flavour. Delicious

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