Tasty West Country Cheese gift box


A delicious selection of West Country Cheeses make up this lovely cheese gift box

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Tasty West Country Cheese Gift BoxThis is a delightfully tasty West Country Cheese gift box.

Keens Cheddar 200g, Keens Cheddar is a fabulous traditional Cheddar produced in Somerset.   The truckles are clothbound and matured for 12 months which produces this sweet, creamy rich, tangy cheddar

Godminster Black Pepper Brie 200g, An award winning handmade artisan brie which is made using organic pasteurised milk.  The brie is rolled in crushed Black Peppercorns

Dorset Blue Vinney 200g  Woodbridge Farm are the ONLY producers of the genuine Dorset Blue, not to be confused with the mass produced, pasteurised version. They use the milk straight from their herd and once the milk has been bought to temperature it is hand skimmed. Blue Vinney has a lower fat content than most cheeses!  A lovely, slightly crumbly blue and just a tad stronger than Stilton but still a lovely subtle, crumbly blue

Cornish Yarg 200g
This is a semi-hard slightly creamy, slightly crumbly cheese which is wrapped in nettle leaves.  The texture is between a cheddar and Caerphilly and as it matures it becomes softer around the edges.  The flavour is fresh & lemony becoming more aromatic with age, the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

Godminster Smoked Cheddar (200g round) A smooth, creamy vintage cheddar which has been cold smoked over oak chippings, which produces an incredible earthy depth and deep smokey flavour.  This is a strong, smooth creamy cheddar with a tang that penetrates to the core of this smoked cheese

Fine Cheese Chive Crackers (150g) The onion flavour really delivers and is an excellent cracker to accompany a wide selection of ripened creamy brie’s

Bay Tree Sticky Figgy Chutney (320g) – Great with soft and blue cheeses.


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