Taste of France


Our Taste of France cheese box is a delicious cheese gift which includes some of France’s finest cheeses

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Taste of FranceOur Taste of France gift box is a wonderful gift for anybody who loves their French cheeses.  It would make a fabulous cheese board for after dinner entertaining.  The addition of the Fig Puree works beautifully with this delicious French cheese selection

Selles sur Cher, 150g – A truly classic unpasteurised French goats cheese which has a grey-blue ash covering. It is heavy and rigid at first taste followed by a softening as it melts in your mouth with its fondant like texture

Epoisses, 250g – A luscious legendary unpasteurised French Cheese. Rich, sticky and powerful. It ripens to a golden liquid and comes in it’s own serving box – perfect for sharing

Gillot Black Label Camembert – The best authentic Camembert made the traditional way with fresh, unpasteurised cows milk. Nothing better

Roquefort – Roquefort is rich, creamy and sharp, tangy and salty in flavour and is known in France as the “cheese of kings and popes.” It is aged for 5 months and is a sheep milk cheese from the south of France, and together with Bleu d’Auvergne, Stilton, and Gorgonzola is one of the world’s best known blue cheeses.

Comte, 250g – Comte is an superb quality classic French cheese made in the Massif of the Jura, a region made up of medium range mountains, which lie between Vosges and the Haute-Savoie. Considered one of the finest cheeses in the world. The flavour varies from fruity with hints of Apricots, to a nutty spicy finish

Fig Puree – A deliciously intense little pot of puree, super concentrated – just pure fruit and cane sugar, so only a little is needed. A perfect level of sweetness for cheese. Great with mild and goats cheeses, this fig puree is lovely with soft sheep’s milk cheeses too