Supreme Classic Cheese selection


Our supreme classic cheese selection is just that.   The best cheeses you can get, this is a cheese gift box with not only a perfect mix of cheeses, but the best money can buy!

1kg of cheese, so enough for a small party (approx 12-15 persons) or large family gathering

Please note:  Choose whether it comes in a simple outer box or luxury gift box option if for a special gift  

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West Country Cheese

Our Supreme Classic Cheese Selection box include traditional favourites, although no ordinary second rate versions here.  The finest Stilton you can get your hands on, the mutiple British Cheese award winning Waterloo, the traditional Spanish Manchego and of course the award winning Keens Cheddar, proof that doing one thing but doing it well is sublime.

Colston Bassett Stilton, 250g –  the curd is gently hand-ladled before draining which produces this deeply rich and creamy Stilton. It has a deep flavour with a delightfully lingering finish

Baby Waterloo – 300g – A delicate, semi-soft cheese, made with buttery Guernsey milk.  An unctious oozy interior with a rich buttery, creamy flavour. Delicious

Manchego 250g – One of Spain’s most famous cheeses.  Manchego cheese is a protected DOC cheese (Denominación de Origen) which means for a start, it has to come from La Manchaplateau in south-central Spain.  The milk used has to come from Manchega sheep, an ancient breed still thriving up on the high plains and then it is aged in natural caves for at least two months.  Its texture is supple and moist and the flavour is grassy and fruity with a very slight tang.   Fabulous of course, with Membrillo (quince fruit paste)

Keens 250g  Keens cheddar is traditionally made from a recipe which has been passed down through the generations, using unpasteurised milk. The truckles are clothbound and matured for 12 months which produces this sweet, creamy rich, tangy cheddar

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