Luxury Cheese & Meat Platter


A delicious luxury cheese & meat platter.  Perfect party food.  Easy entertaining.  A fabulous Christmas cheese gift

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Luxury cheese & meat platter

A Cheese board is always a lovely indulgence, add succulent Italian meats and you have this delicious, luxury cheese & meat platter.  A perfect entertaining platter.  Everything on this board is included for you (excluding a handful of tomatoes)

Aged (Curado) Manchego 170 – 200g – One of Spain’s most famous cheeses.  Manchego’s texture is supple and the flavour is grassy and fruity with a slight caramel flavour.   Fabulous of course, with Membrillo and our Date & Walnut cake

Driftwood goat, 215g – Driftwood is a delicious ash coated, goats cheese log made by White Lake in Somerset. Not surprisingly this has won gold at the World Cheese Awards.  It is lemony yet light in flavour with a delicious soft, creamy interior. It develops into a more tangy intense flavour as it ages. White Lake Cheeses have a superb reputation as world class cheesemakers with multiple awards to their name

Perl Wen, 200g  – Is a delicious soft organic brie style cheese with a bloomy white rind.  Made with pasteurised cow’s milk, this is a luscious welsh cheese with a fresh citrus flavour and hint of sea salt

Gorgonzola Dolce  (200g) is an indulgent creamy and sweeter Gorgonzola than its stronger counterparts.  It is an unctuous blue delight which is mainly produced in the Northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy.  This example is smooth and totally delicious on it’s own

Chaource 250g A discerningly good soft creamy cheese.  Extremely creamy and with a hint of mushrooms.  This delightful French cheese has been made in the same village since the 14th century.  It is made only in the Champagne region and this is the AOC Unpasteurised version

Negroni Finocchiona (Fennel Salami), 120g – Fennel seeds and pork, a very good marriage indeed! Fabulous fennel salami exclusively made with Italian pork following a traditional tuscan recipe

Proscuitto Crudo, 70g – Produced with selected pork legs, dry-cured in the heart of Emilia Romagna. Distintive delicate flavoured slices. Gluten free

Elements Water Crackers 70g  – Simple and honest, flame baked water crackers, perfect for cheese

Miller Damsels Charcoal Wafers125g – Hand baked hexagonal dark, crisp wafers. Made with stone-ground wholemeal flour.