Classic British Fare

Classic British Fare


British Christmas Fare at it’s best.  Superb hand-made pork pie, excellent cheese, crunchy pickled onions and fabulous Wild Boar Pate. That’s Christmas or Boxing Day tea sorted or a fabulous treat for a loved one. One of our favourite cheese gift boxes

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Classic British FareOur Classic British Fare box will make a hearty and special ploughman’s style feast.  Great for a family lunch or a lazy Sunday.  A decadent mix of four luxury cheeses, an award winning hand made pork pie, some delicious crunchy pickled onions and exceptionally good Wild Boar pate

Pork Pie, 500g – Handcrafted using traditional methods, these award winning pork pies use the finest diced pork, minced pork, onions and seasoning. Simple and tasty.  Personalised pastry with ‘Xmas’

Colston Bassett Stilton, 250g – The curd is gently hand-ladled before draining which produces this deeply rich and creamy Stilton. It has a deep flavour with a delightfully lingering finish

Montgomery Cheddar, 250g – The same ingredients and traditional handmade methods are still being used since 1912 on the Montgomery farm. The Cheddars are bound in muslin bandages and left to mature for over 12 months. They are still also one of the very few farms using unpasteurised milk which gives this cheddar its unique taste as only the best cheddars should!

Appleby Cheshire, 250g – Made expertly using unpasteurised milk, This moist and crumbly Cheshire has a clean and zesty taste followed by a rich finish.  Appleby’s Cheshire also has excellent cooking properties.  Goes superbly with figs or dates

Cerney Ash, 140g mini – Since 1983, the cheese makers at Cerney Cheese in Cirencester have kept to the original hand-made process of cheese making and continue to locally source their goats’ milk. They say, they like their milk-producing goats to be loved, cared for and preferably named! This is a multi award winning valancay type soft goats cheese.  The beautiful texture makes it a delightful addition to an entertaining cheese board.   It has a fresh zesty flavour with a fluffy, moreish mousse like texture

Fine Cheese Pickled Onions, 310g – These Fine Cheese Co Pickled Onions are delicious, tangy and crunchy.  Everything a good pickle should be. Sitting in sweetened vinegar making them perfect with a good slab of tangy cheddar

Wild Boar Pate, 190g – These truly artisan fine french pate’s are made especially for us and are quality French pate’s at their very best. This is our best seller!