Little Cheeser Cheese Cake
Little Cheeser Cheese Cake

Little Cheeser Cheese Cake


Some creative and quirky cheese gifts for Christmas.  Not only are these fabulous cheeses, but check out our accessories page for some great decoration ideas



Little Cheeser Cheese CakeOur Little Cheeser Cheese cake, is a small but beautiful mix of some delightful cheeses for Christmas.

Approx 2.9kg of cheese, should feed approx 30 people, if serving as part of a buffet

The base layer is approx 6″ diameter

Cost £68 – £78

Base tier:  Godminster Vintage Cheddar, 1kg – This is a seriously strong and ultra creamy cheddar in a distinctive burgundy wax.  The consistency is soft and creamy.  (Alternative option: half ring of Fine English Cheddar which will replace the Godminster cheddar.  The Fine English Cheddar is also a creamy Burgundy waxed cheddar, these we cut down from a 2kg ring, so you’ll have a cut top. They are slightly cheaper as not organic

2nd tier: Colston Bassett Stilton, approx 1kg  the curd is gently hand-ladled before draining, which is what makes this particular Stilton one of the creamiest to be found!

3rd tier: Baby Cornish Yarg, 500g half ring – This unique cheese is wrapped in nettle leaves which are picked wild from the surrounding area. A semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly, texture is a bit between a cheddar and caerphilly. The flavour is fresh & lemony when the cheese is young becoming more aromatic with age and the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures. This is their 1kg baby version.

4th tier: Somerset Camembert x 2, 200g each – Mild & creamy soft Somerset Camembert Deliciously delicate & creamy.  We’ve used two and tied raffia around them. (A small amount of burgundy raffia included for this purpose)

INCLUDES: Small amount of Burgundy and green raffia.  No other decoration included but can be purchased separately from our ‘accessories’ page

You can now order on-line for Xmas, please choose a delivery date near to Xmas for your cheese to last past Xmas.  Our last day for despatch is Wednesday 19th December. Next day delivery (however, it is busy season, so may take 48 hours)

We like you to order well in advance, a minimum of two weeks notice is usual, so we are ready here at West Country Cheese to make sure each of the cheeses arrive with you in perfect condition ready for the big event.  However, we’ll do all we can to accommodate short notice requests without compromising quality

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us:

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With Godminster Cheddar base, With Fine English Cheddar base