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A tempting selection of West Country cheeses for you to try at home.  Delivered direct to your door or any door of your choosing.

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We have an abundance of artisan West Country Cheeses on our doorstep, sometimes almost too many to chose from.  Here is a small selection of West Country cheeses for you to try at home or for a special gift.

Fabulous West Country Cheeses

Fabulous West Country Cheeses

Devon Oke 200g
Daily, at Stockbeare Farm, in North Devon, the milk produced by its herd of Friesian cows is stirred, scalded and matured into some fine unique cheeses. Devon Oke, just one of their range of cheeses, is a fine, smooth creamy, mature cheddar style cheese with a light buttery taste and a hard edible outer rind which gives a nutty finish. No colouring or preservatives whatsoever are added – except salt which enhances the flavour and lengthens the cheese’s life

Cornish Yarg 200g
After pressing and brining, these cheeses are wrapped in nettle leaves, picked wild from the surrounding area. They are carefully brushed onto the cheese for a beautiful and unusual finish This is a semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly. Between a cheddar and caerphilly in texture and as it matures it becomes softer around the edges.  The flavour is fresh & lemony becoming more aromatic with age, the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

Ticklemore 200g
Made in Totnes, Devon originally by Ticklemore (makers of Devon Blue, Beenleigh Blue & Harbourne Blue), but now made at the Sharpham Estate.  This is a moist and crumbly goat cheese with a soft, fresh taste. A very delicate goat flavour.  A great example of a goats milk cheese

Dorset Blue Vinney 200g
Woodbridge Farm are the ONLY producers of the genuine Dorset Blue Vinny, not to be confused with the mass produced, pasteurised version. They use the milk straight from their herd and once the milk has been bought to temperature it is hand skimmed. Blue Vinney has a lower fat content than most cheeses!.  A lovely, slightly crumbly blue and just a tad stronger than Stilton but still a lovely subtle, crumbly blue.
Please note this is cut from a large vinney not as the mini in the picture

Sharpham Brie 200g
Another marvel by the Sharpham Estate nr Totnes and a firm favourite with our customers. A soft, surface-ripened cheese made using unpasteurised Jersey cow’s milk. When ripe it oozes it’s creamy, rich buttery interior everywhere. It’s delectably rich, smooth and creamy with a full flavour when mature

Why not add some biscuits or West Country cider chutney to your West Country Cheeses for a real treat

West Country Cheese

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