West Country Cheese Favourites gift box
West Country Cheese Favourites Gift BoxWest Country Cheese Favourites gift box

West Country Cheese Favourites Gift Box


A large West Country Cheese gift box – enough for a family or small gathering.  A great cheese gift for any occasion.


Gift Box Option

Gift Box Option


West Country Cheese Favourites gift boxLove Cheese….Our West Country Cheese Favourites Gift Box has a tasty selection of some of the finest West Country cheeses.  This large cheese gift box box includes six West Country cheeses, approx 1.2kg.  In addition there is a pot of delicious West Country chutney and a pack of crispy crackers

Presented in a lovely gift box with personalised gift card.  A great cheese gift for any occasion

Vulscombe Pepper (180g)  A wonderful, beautifully packaged individual goats milk cheese.  Vulscombe goat has a subtle, soft, fresh flavour and texture with a coating of peppercorns

Cornish Yarg (250g)  Wrapped in nettle leaves, picked wild from the surrounding area gives Cornish Yarg a unique look. A semi-hard cheese, slightly creamy and crumbly. Between a cheddar and caerphilly in texture and as it matures it becomes softer around the edges.  The flavour is fresh & lemony becoming more aromatic with age, the edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy flavour as the cheese matures

Devon Blue (250g) Devon Blue is an excellent blue cows milk cheese which has a buttery rich flavour.  It is a moist and crumbly cheese, with a rounded depth of flavour

Quickes Mature Cheddar (250g)  A superb handmade traditional West Country cheddar which has the quality and unique complex flavour you only get from a traditional rinded cheddar

Miss Wenna (165g each) The best Cornish milk makes the best creamy brie  A mellow, smooth mould ripened soft cheese with a delicately wafer thin velvety rind and subtle aroma

Godminster Smoked (200g) A smooth, creamy vintage cheddar which has been cold smoked over oak chippings, which produces an incredible earthy depth and deep smokey flavour.  This is a strong, smooth creamy cheddar with a tang that penetrates to the core of this smoked cheese

Fine Cheese Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers (150g) – lovely crisp crackers with a hint of sea salt, perfect with all cheeses

West Country Cider Chutney (200g) – A superb chutney, with apples and raisins. A great chutney for hard cheddars and meats

(If you’d like any other flavour in the Fine Cheese Flavoured cracker range or the 200g West Country Chutney range, then please just specify this in our special instructions box at checkout)

West Country Cheese Favourites Gift BoxOption available to purchase cheeses only


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