Myriad Cheese Board


Included in this cheese gift box: 5 x delicious artisan cheeses. 2 x packs of tasty crackers. 1 x jar baby pickled onions

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Myriad cheese boardAn exceptional mix of glorious cheeses which won’t disappoint

Driftwood goat, 215g – Driftwood is a delicious ash coated, goats cheese log made by White Lake in Somerset. Not surprisingly, Driftwood has won gold at the World Cheese Awards.  It is lemony yet light in flavour with a delicious soft, creamy interior. It develops into a more tangy intense flavour as it ages. White Lake Cheeses have a superb reputation as world class cheesemakers with multiple awards to their name

Le Cret Gruyere 150g – This authentic Swiss Gruyere has been matured for 12 month, it has a lovely depth, which is sweet yet nutty

Perl Las Blue Cheese, 200gCaws Cenarth dairy is near Cardigan in the heart of West Wales.  Made entirely by hand this is a beautiful blue cheese, it’s strong but delicate and creamy with lovely lingering overtones, with a gentle salty taste. When mature it becomes more golden in colour and fuller in flavor. Perl Las means Blue Pearl

Russet Squire, 165g – Instantly recognisable by it’s russet colour.  Russet Squire is a full bodied Cornish washed rind cheese which is bathed in Cornish cider seven or eight times during the maturation process. The cheese itself is rich and creamy, like a brie, with a delicious sweet note. It’s unbelievably good with crisp, oaty biscuits

Perl Wen, 200g  – Another glorious cheese which is made entirely by hand by Caws Cenarth dairy.  An outstanding combination of creamy Brie and lemony Caerphilly, Perl Wen is an organic rich and creamy delight.

Miller Damsels Charcoal Wafers, 125g – Dark, crisp hand baked wafers.  Made from 100% unbleached stoneground wholemeal flour, milled in England. Hexagonal in shape, which is pretty on the cheese board.

Elements Water Crackers, 70g  – Perfect for cheese.  Simple & honest

Bay Tree Baby Pickled Onions, 227g jar –  Simply delicious