Individual Cheese Box


This delightful individual cheese box includes five delicious cheeses you’ll be hard pushed to beat.


Gift Box Option

Gift Box Option


This delightful Individual Cheese box makes a great gift…for both giving or sharing!  Consists of some very tasty individual cheeses.  This is a great cheese board cheese gift

The Truffler, 165g – Cornish brie from Curds and Crousts which has a truly unique character.  The truffle is subtle and does not overpower the cheese, yet adds a very special flavour

Brillat Savarin, 100g – A delicious triple cream soft indulgent cheese. Rich, luscious cream is added to whole milk making this a superbly decadent dessert cheese.  As the mature they develop more complex flavours.  Flavours are from light and buttery to hints of mushroom and nuts

Goat Cheddar Truckle, 200g – An individual West Country cheese goat cheddar which is handmade from goats’ milk in Dorset.  It is matured for around 6 months turning the delicious milk into a hard goats’ milk cheddar.  It is mellow and slightly sweet and develops a slightly nutty flavour.  It is then dipped into black wax.

Langres,200g – A sublime French cow’s milk cheese with an interesting wrinkled rind which adds textural interest.  This cheese is sumptuous, creamy and powerful and develops a dense creamy core with a luscious creamy yet savoury finish

Mature Cheddar Truckle, 200g – A mature, full flavoured Cheddar, hand-made using milk from Dorset farms. It has a creamy texture and a tangy bite. Presented in burgundy wax.

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