French Artisan Cheese Gift


A gorgeous french artisan cheese gift


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This fabulous French artisan cheese gift is designed to be the perfect introduction to French artisan cheese and contains a classic selection for you to discover your ‘Oh La La’ side

Delice Cremiere (200g)  A decadent soft French cows milk cheese, from Burgandy. It has a lovely white bloomy rind and is absolutely luxurious. Made with cream, double cream and creme fraiche. Soft & creamy with a slight lemony sour edge. A fabuous cheese to go with Champagne!!    Pasteurised

Reblochon AOC (250g) A semi soft, cows milk washed rind cheese with a slight orange rind.  The texture is very smooth & supple.  It has a lovely fruity taste with a good nutty aftertaste.  Wonderful with a glass of Savoie wine.  Reblochon also features as a classic ingredient in one of the Alps’ best loved dishes, the Tartiflette.  AOC means this cheese is subject to certain regulations to ensure the preservation of its name, quality and status.  Unpasteurised

Langres (180g) Another fabulous AOC cheese, so you know traditional methods are used to produce this quality cheese.  A fairly pongy cheese with a firm paste that melts in the mouth with a complex, salty taste.  It is milder than Epoisses.  A wonderful cheese board addition. Drink with a full bodied red wine or Champagne!  Unpasteurised

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