Cheese Explorer Platter


Five first class cheeses plus two packs of crackers included.

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Cheese Explorer Platter

Most of you are used to many cheeses being available to you, but perhaps you may find one or two newbies here which will soon become firm favourites – we love them all!!

Five first class cheeses plus two packs of crackers included.

Driftwood goat, 215g – Driftwood is a delicious ash coated, goats cheese log made by White Lake in Somerset. Not surprisingly this has won gold at the World Cheese Awards.  It is lemony yet light in flavour with a delicious soft, creamy interior. It develops into a more tangy intense flavour as it ages. White Lake Cheeses have a superb reputation as world class cheesemakers with multiple awards to their name

Robiola Bosina, 250g – Caseificio dell’Alta Langa is famous for its traditional Robiola, which uses cow, goat and sheep milk cheese.    Robiola has a bloomy rind and soft and subtle texture. It is luscious rich and creamy.  Although rarely seen in this country, making cheese from mixed milk is a common practice in both Italy and Spain.  The flavour combines the richness of cows’ milk with the sweetness of sheeps’ milk.  The goats’ milk lends a certain tanginess.  It has a thin outer rind which has the unmistakable flavour of a camembert, delicious

Perl Las Blue Cheese, 200gCaws Cenarth dairy is near Cardigan in the heart of West Wales.  Made entirely by hand this is a beautiful blue cheese, it’s strong but delicate and creamy with lovely lingering overtones, with a gentle salty taste. When mature it becomes more golden in colour and fuller in flavor. Perl Las means Blue Pearl

Keens Cheddar, approx 200g –  Keens Cheddar is a traditional clothbound cheddar. Made in Somerset from a recipe passed down through the generations, using unpasteurised milk.  Once clothbound, the cheddar truckles mature for 12 months, which produces this sweet, creamy rich and tangy cheddar.

Bocconcini –  These bite-size Italian mozzarella balls have a refreshingly delicate and creamy aroma. Deliciously light for a cheeseboard, works particularly well with prosciutto

Miller Damsels Charcoal Wafers,125g – Hand baked hexagonal dark, crisp wafers. Made with stone-ground wholemeal flour.

Elements Water Crackers 70g  – Simple and honest, flame baked water crackers, perfect for cheese

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