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Our favourites collection of cheeses for a fabulous entertaining cheese board or superb luxury cheese gift

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Choice cheese favouritesOur Choice Cheese Favourites is simply our favourite cheeses of the moment. Great for a party or easy going Sunday afternoon treat (no cooking involved)!

Keens Cheddar, approx 200g –  Keens Cheddar is a traditional clothbound cheddar. Made in Somerset from a recipe passed down through the generations, using unpasteurised milk.  Once clothbound, the cheddar truckles mature for 12 months, which produces this sweet, creamy rich and tangy cheddar.

Golden Cenarth, 200g – A beautiful washed rind cheese made in West Wales.  It has a supple texture and delightful buttery flavour.  Also maker of the beautiful Perl Las and Perl Wen featured here

Perl Las Blue Cheese, 200g – Made entirely by had this is a beautiful blue cheese, it’s strong but delicate and creamy with lovely lingering overtones

Cerney Ash Cheese, 140g –  Since 1983, the cheese makers at Cerney Cheese in Cirencester have kept to the original hand-made process of cheese making and continue to locally source their goats’ milk. They say, they like their milk-producing goats to be loved, cared for and preferably named! This is a multi award winning valancay type soft goats cheese.  The beautiful texture makes it a delightful addition to an entertaining cheese board.   It has a fresh zesty flavour with a fluffy, moreish mousse like texture

Sharpham Brie  OR Perl Wen (200g) – (whichever is the ripest and in best condition – do specify at checkout if you have a personal preference) Sharpham brie is made using unpasteurised Jersey cow’s milk. When ripe it oozes it’s creamy, rich buttery interior everywhere. It’s delectably rich, smooth and creamy with a full flavour when mature.  Perl Wen Brie – A lovely soft organie brie style cheese is rich and creamy, with citrus notes and an underlying hint of sea salt



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