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Heart Cheese Cake


Superbly cute mini cheese cake, great for a small get together or celebration.  Perfect for 15+ people.  This is a small stack of delicious artisan cheeses with a pretty decadent heart shaped cheese at the top.  Add a cheddar base if you require more cheese

The cheeses DO NOT come in a gift box, just a simple outer cardboard box, and will come individually wrapped for you to assemble as a cake or eat as required. Small amount of burgandy raffia included.  Please do add a luxury gift box to your order, if for a special gift.


Heart Cheese Cake

Heart Cheese Cake

Heart Cheese Cake

Approx 1.2 – 1.4 kilo of cheese, enough for approx 15+ people

The base layer is approx 5.5 inches diameter

Our pretty Heart Cheese Cake is perfect for a small gathering.  Makes a great romantic or unique birthday gift.  Includes a small stack of artisan cheeses and topped with the delightful heart shaped Coeurs Neufchatel.

 Base Cheese:  Cornish Blue – This is an award winning delicious and delicate farmhouse blue (if you prefer something a little stronger – request Cashel Blue at checkout). Approx 800g – 1kg

2nd tier:  Tunworth – a smooth full flavoured award winning cheese, with a creamy texture, made by hand in small batches – 220g (If you pefer something milder – request Somerset Camembert, at checkout)

3rd tier: Coeurs Neufchatel – A soft, slightly crumbly French cheese made in the Normandy region, tastes of earthy mushrooms.  Lovely heart shaped version, 200g

Decoration:  Small amount of burgandy raffia included

We can put a larger cheddar, such as the Devon Oke under the base (approx 8.5 inches diameter, 2.2kg in weight) to give more cheese for a slightly larger gathering.  Take a look at the Devon Oke cheese for more info.  This cake would then feed approx 35 – 40 people.  Or, why not try a 1kg Godminster – slightly smaller at 6 inches diameter, perfect for a little extra, seriously tasty cheddar (This will feed a further 14 people)

When you order on-line, please do choose a delivery date at least two days before your wedding/party date.  See below products, if you’d like to add the ‘Devon Oke base cheese’  to your order

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us:

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