Deliciously rich and creamy

400g or 800g whole rounds available



Waterloo is made by Anne and Andy Wigmore from Berkshire, they produce three great cheeses.  The other two are Spenwood and Wigmore

This cheese has a rich and distinctive yellow interior which is from the natural carotene in the Guernsey milk they use.  It is a rich, slightly salty buttery semi-soft cheese.  The interior has an oozing texture under the rind with a slightly firmer consistency in the centre.

400g version – would feed 5/6 people. 800g version – feeds 11/12

Unpasteurised cows milk.  Vegetable rennet

Interesting Fact:  The recipe uses Guernsey cows milk from the Duke of Waterloo CheeseWellington’s Estate, this cows milk cheese was named Waterloo after the estate

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