Cerney Ash Cheese

Cerney Ash Cheese


Cerney Cheese make this valancay type ash covered goats cheese, it has a beautiful fluffly texture and is a delightfully decadent cheese for entertaining


Cerney Ash CheeseCerney Ash Cheese

Since 1983, the cheese makers at Cerney Cheese in Cirencester have kept to the original hand-made process of cheese making and continue to locally source their goats’ milk. They say, they like their milk-producing goats to be loved, cared for and preferably named!

This is a multi award winning valancay type soft goats cheese. It has a distinctive pyramid shape and is coated with oak ash/sea salt mix.

The beautiful texture makes it a delightful addition to an entertaining cheese board.   It has a fresh zesty flavour with a fluffy, moreish mousse like texture

Goat, Unpasteurised, 300g cheese

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