250g small round or 500g whole round available



Reblochon AOC is a semi soft, cows milk washed rind cheese with a slight orange rind.  The texture is very smooth & supple.  It has a lovely fruity taste with a good nutty aftertaste and is extraordinarily creamy. Wonderful with a glass of Savoie wine.

Reblochon also features as a classic ingredient in one of the Alps’ best loved dishes, the Tartiflette.  This is a deliciously baked dish of potatoes, onions, bacon and gooey reblochon – it’s sinfully delicious

AOC means this cheese is subject to certain regulations to ensure the preservation of its name, quality and status.

Interesting Fact: The French word reblocher roughly translates as ‘re-pinch the cows udder’ – which tells us how this legendary ancient cheese is made by using the second milk batch of the day to make it extra creamy

250g version will feed approx 3/4 persons.  500g version will feed 7/8 persons

Cows milk, Unpasteurised

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