Coeurs Neufchatel

Coeurs Neufchatel


Coeurs Neufchatel (200g)  A deliciously decadent cheese – great for sharing.  A wonderful love token.  Comes in a pretty box and to complete the cheese gift why not add a wooden ‘love’ heart or pair it with one of our personalised slate hearts – we’ll write your message on in gold, just let us know your message at checkout (approx 10-12 letters)


Coeurs NeufchatelCoeurs Neufchatel

Coeurs Neufchatel is a very pretty heart shaped cheese making it the perfect cheese token of love.  Pair it with one of our lovely wooden hearts and send it to the one you love.

Coeurs Neufchatel is one of the oldest cheeses in France with AOC status – which means it is protected and must be made from the fresh, unpasteurised milk of the Normandie breed of cow It is a young cheese with a lovely white mold rind. Texture similar to a camembert, soft with a slightly grainy texture. It is a crumbly cheese which develops a creamier interior as it matures. Cows milk, Unpasteurised

Wonderful eaten with crusty bread and a good strong red wine.

Perfect for sharing

Slate hearts

Slate hearts with personalised writing

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