Chaource cheese




Chaource is a discerningly good, rich soft creamy cheese with a delicate outer pure white bloomy rind. A petit cheese which comes in it’s own wooden wrapper.

Chaource cheeseThis delightful French cheese has been made in the same region of France since the 14th century.

Chaource takes its name from a village of the same name in the Champagne region of France, and is AOC protected, which means that the milk comes from the designated region and the cheese is made according to strict, specific production guidelines.

Chaource ripens from the outside in, so leave the cheese to stand at room temperature before serving, it should start to breakdown around the soft rind, giving a slightly gooey layer near the rind with a firmer interior.  Creamy, spreadable with a slight pungency and a hint of earthy mushrooms

Superb dessert cheese and a decadent addition to a party cheese platter. Nice served with dried fruits or try our delicious Marinated Figs in wine and rum syrup.  

Superb with a glass of bubbly.  Try something different today

Cows milk, Unpasteurised

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