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Amor Celebration Cheese Cake

Amor Celebration Cheese CakeOur Amor Celebration Cheese Cake has approx 1.5kg of cheese and will feed approx 16- 20people

The base layer is approx 6″ diameter

Cost £52.00

1st tier:  Godminster Vintage Cheddar, 1kg – Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar is a seriously strong & delicious, ultra creamy vintage organic cheddar in a distinctive burgunday wax. A great full strong flavour with a lovely creamy consistency. The cheese can be sliced or scooped!

2nd tier:  Baby Waterloo, approx 380g – Waterloo is a rich, buttery soft cow’s milk brie style cheese.  It’s deep yellow in colour due to the unpasteurised milk used from Golden Guernsey cows.  With an oozing brie like texture, a sweet, smooth rich flavour, it’s a real croud pleaser

Top tier: Dorstone – Individual fresh goats milk cheese covered in ash with a beautiful wrinkled rind. A lovely creamy texture with zesty notes

Amor Celebration Cheese CakeINCLUDED:  small amount of burgundy raffia and two silver candles. Other decoration can be purchased separately, see our accessories page

The cheeses will come individually wrapped for you to pop in your fridge, ready to unwrap and assemble on the day.  Leave out for 1-2 hours to come up to room temperature before eating

Of course, we do bespoke cakes, so for any special requests or for more info, call now on: 01271 379944 or email us: [email protected]

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